In the digital world making the right decisions regarding digital workflow and data security are vital. Choosing the right gear is important, but having a reliable system to back-up your data is essential whatever gear you select.

Mac v PC

Both systems work fine. PCs are probably cheaper for the amount of power you get, but I much prefer a Mac operating system. I now use a Macbook Air on the road and have two of the previous generation Mac Pro computers in the office.

Mobile v Desktop Computing

Macbook Air, Macbook, Macbook Pro are all great options for mobile computing. More expensive models are going to have larger higher resolutions screens, more computing power, and more memory.

If you don’t need to be mobile, a desktop computer will give you a much larger screen (or multiple screens) more power, and more memory for you buck.

For around $2000 dollars you can get a powerful iMac with an integrated 5K screen. They are great, but I find their glass screens to produce more eye strain than a matt screen.

More power, upgradability, and separate monitors make the Mac Pro the best option for daily editing of images or video. There is however a large jump in price for that power, with some models costing more than 6000 dollars.

I use EIZO Flexscan monitors that have matt screens and are reasonably priced. For color sensitive work the EIZO ColorEdge monitors are excellent.


I use a large Wacom Intuos tablet  when working in Photoshop. It takes a little time to get used to working with a pen rather than a mouse, but makes retouching much easier.

External Hard Drives. 

Back up your data!  The Mac operating system makes this much easier with the Time Machine feature. Just connect an external hard drive that’s significantly bigger than all your data in the computer and it will automatically back up all your data, the operating system, and even track your changes.  Western Digital’s My Book hard drives have worked well for me in the past.