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Bodybuilder Hidekazu Taba

Hidekazu Taba is a champion bodybuilder. Several years ago I saw him compete at the Pacific Muscle Classic on Camp Foster. He won his weight class, he won his age group, he won overall. In other competitions, he’s repeated the feat. He dominates Okinawan body building, and he does it at age 67. For a long time I’ve been hoping to photograph Taba-san and yesterday I visited his home to take a few pics. Taba-san began bodybuilding around 40 years ago after seeing a Tarzan movie. He hits the gym for a couple of hours, 5 days a week. Unlike many bodybuilders who bulk up and then cut weight (shred?) for competitions he stay lean all year. The reason is that he’s not trying to peak for a single event, but has to be ready for local competitions or festivals all year. He’s very happy that his grandchildren are proud to have a super cool oji-chan. I’m looking forward to shooting more photos of Taba-san training at the gym and at competitions. Images shot with …

Andrea Conn – Location / Studio Session

Last week I did a location / studio session with bodybuilder and servicewoman Andrea Conn.  Andrea has been training for the Pacific Muscle Classic Show on June 2nd, and wanted photos of herself while looking and feeling at her peak. After an hour on the beach we headed over to the studio and I shot both fitness portraits, and some softer beauty shots. This gave her a nice selection of images for both her own albums and to send to family back home. All in all, a fantastic shoot with a lovely lady. I’m sure she’ll knock it out of the park at tomorrow’s competition.