Increase your knowledge, and expand your vision. Photography Workshops range from mastering the basics in Photography Fundamentals to more advanced courses including Off Camera Flash, Light Painting, Studio Lighting, and Photographic Workflow.

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We are now starting to offer workshops again as Okinawan returns to normal. There’s just the one class in 2021, but we shall be offering more  fundamental classes, studio classes and advanced classes in 2022.

January 21st 2023 Studio lighting Workshop

February 4th & 5th 2023 Photography Fundamentals with Chris Willson

February 25th & 26th  North & South Photography Workshop with Chris Willson

March 4th & 5th 2023 Photography Fundamentals with Chris Willson

TBD  Summer Workshop Schedule

For more details please click on the course above to reach the Facebook page.

 To book a place on a course please email  or message me through Facebook. I will send you a Paypal request for the class fee. Payment secures your place on the course.


Photography Fundamentals Workshop with Chris Willson 

Progress beyond the camera’s green automatic mode. Take better photographs of your friends and family rather than point, shoot, and hope for the best.

This is a fun workshop rather than a lecture. As we cover new topics we will be taking photographs, reviewing the images, and discussing the results.  You’ll be learning by practicing each new skill. Don’t be the person with all the gear, and no idea.

Most students have their own DSLR before they take the class, but if you don’t have one yet, there are several you can borrow.

Class Size: Minimum 2 Max 6

Location: Motobu & Yomitan. On Saturday we will be based at my home in Motobu next to the Aquarium. (Approx 1 hour drive from Kadena Gate 2) On Sunday we will meet at Ryukyu Mura in Yomitan and finish at the Starbucks in Yomitan.

Photography Fundamentals Workshop – Class outline:

Equipment – The anatomy of cameras, lenses, memory cards, filters and tripods. Learn what gear you need, and what will help you improve.

Exposure – Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Camera Modes, Metering. Take control of image brightness and depth of field, to create the images you want.

Composition – Angles, Repetition, Balance, Lines, Simplicity.  Whether you’re a sculptor, a painter or a photographer, there are some artistic rules that work.

Data Management – Sorting, storing and protecting your images. Make sure those memories are safe for a lifetime.



 Off Camera Flash Workshop

Move your flash away from your camera to create more natural images or to give your photographs a drop of magical light.

 1- day workshop 10AM to 6PM  Price US$200
Class Size: Max 12  Location: Yomitan, Okinawa
Instructors: Pete Leong & Chris Willson

Pete uses off camera flash everyday as an wedding photographer. He can use it to overpower the sun, and create flattering light for the bride and groom. He’s very good at what he does, and a great person to learn from.

For me, off camera flash is a useful tool that allows me to get editorial shots that would have otherwise been impossible. There’s a flash and either a trigger or cords kept in my travel bag so that I always have the option of bringing my own light to the party.

You don’t need to own a flash to take the class, we’ll show you a whole range of options on the course, and then you’ll have a much better idea of what you might want in the future.

 To book a place on the course please email me on chris(at) I will send you a paypal request for the class fee. Payment secures your place on the course.

Maps and details of where to go and what to bring will be send to participants.



Kyoto Workshop with Chris Willson 

An amazing photographic experience in Japan.  6 nights and 7 days exploring Kyoto and creating stunning images.

We will be visiting iconic locations including temples, shrines, bamboo groves and traditional gardens. There will be monkeys, geisha, and models in yukata and kimono.  6 nights and 7 days exploring and photographing Kyoto and the local area. 

As members of the workshop you’ll be doing more than just playing follow the leader.


 Price includes business hotel in Kyoto for six nights (with breakfasts), entry fees. Does not include transportation to Kyoto (flight to Osaka Itami, Osaka KIX or Kobe then train/bus to Kyoto), lunches or dinners. 

Class Size: Max 8  Location: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka
Instructors: Chris Willson  (& special guests)


The Studio Workshop Class Feb 2014!

The Studio Workshop Class Feb 2014!

Studio Lighting Workshops

Studio workshops are a chance to learn and practice using professional studio strobes. Every other month we organize a fun themed day of shooting. Each time we start from a single light and build up to more complicated setups.

Discover the various types of light modifiers commonly used in the studio including soft boxes, zoom refectors, magnum reflectors, beauty dishes, and octaboxes.

You’ll be using industry standard professional equipment by Profoto. It is the same equipment rented by photographic studios all over the world. You don’t have to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to discover the delights of photography.

1-day workshop   Price US$200  
Class Size: Max 8  Location: Motobu, Okinawa
Instructor:  Chris Willson


Images and videos from Previous Workshops and Student Comments

Studio Lighting Workshop - 'Merica by Alex Frank

Studio Lighting Workshop – ‘Merica by Alex Frank

“Taking your workshop on basics improved my photos 150% I absolutly intend to sign up for more workshops in the future” Lemont Whiteside

“I took the workshop as a complete beginner and learned more than expected. Great hands on workshop to learn the “fundamentals” and understand when and how to use them!” Katie Genta

Off Camera Flash Workshop Image by Robert Mallon

Off Camera Flash Workshop with Pete Leong & Chris Willson – Group Work by Robert Mallon

“Chris is an excellent teacher. His enthusiasm for his art and contagious humor easily make a full-day course feel much too short.”  Robert Mallon

Photography Fundamental

Photography Fundamentals Workshop

“I’ve been involved with photography for three decades and yet I still found myself learning so many things from Chris’ workshop! I came into the Off Camera Flash Workshop believing that I couldn’t take a good picture of a person if my life depended on it. By the end of the class, I was shocked to discovered that I not only can take good pictures of people but I could actually take some fairly amazing photos of people.” Bernice Wittwer

Off Camera Flash Workshop January 2013

Off Camera Flash Workshop with Pete Leong & Chris Willson –  January 2013

“As a photographer, I am always looking for opportunities to sharpen my skills. Recently, I attended a lighting workshop taught by highly talented photographer Chris Willson. The course was an intensive two day workshop that covered a broad spectrum of lighting techniques and equipment. Although I don’t usually attend workshops, I could not pass up the opportunity to learn from Chris. His patience and professionalism as well as his great sense of humor really made the course a lot of fun. He patiently guided less familiar students through the workshop while also challenging the more advanced students. I highly recommend any workshop taught by Chris.”
Jess Yankey

Off Camera Flash Workshop January 2013

Off Camera Flash Workshop January 2013

“Lighting was always tricky for me. I was pretty impressed by what I learned and the demonstration of the instruction (a pretty awesome picture of me taken in very low light). I’m by no means an expert now, but I have a better idea of how to capture the shot I want.” Bobbi Rossiter

Dave bends the Matrix by Jen Shue

Dave in the Matrix by Jen – Light Painting Workshop

“After attending Chris’s fundamentals workshop I feel I have gained insight on how to better use my camera and properly set up and prepare to take a photograph instead of just clicking away. Chris’s professionalism, patience, and good humor made learning comfortable and fun. Thank you Chris!”  Keith Smith

“I had been wanting to learn how to paint with light for a very long time so when Chris Willson & Trevor Williams teamed up to host a workshop, I jumped at the opportunity. We learned so much and had a great time doing it. I can’t recommend Chris enough; you won’t be disappointed.” Tara Medina


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