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Knock Out

An epic Fight Club studio workshop yesterday. In the morning we went through the basics of studio strobes, triggering, and variables such as distance, position and quality of light. Then it was fight time.

In the red gloves, Zac “The Flash” Pesicka.

In the blue gloves  Andre “The Body” Smith

In the early rounds Zac’s speed was a clear advantage,  Andre was thrown onto the ropes with  a crushing right hook.  Shrugging off the blow, and up before the nonexistent referee had counted to 10, Andre continued the fight.

A mid-fight tussle with makeup artist Audra Pesicka had left the fighters bruised and bleeding.


Keith “Cutman” Robbins stepped into check on the condition of his fighters.


Zac landed a punishing blow to the ribs.


But moments later Andre retaliated with a fight ending uppercut.


The champ.


A huge thanks to both fighters for shedding sweat and fake blood during the fight. Thanks to “Cutman” Robbins for the inspiring words and continuously humming Eye of the Tiger.


Once again, thank you to makeup artist Audra Pesika for beating up the guys. And finally to Liesa for joining us and learning some new skills.


Fight Club Studio Workshop June 17th 2017 

More information about upcoming workshops can be found here.

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