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“Star Trek” Studio Fundamentals Workshop

Fantastic Star Trek themed Studio Fundamentals Workshop yesterday. We started talking about the differences between speedlights and studio equipment, continuous lights v strobes, monolights v power packs.

When looked at the simple one-light set up I use for the Karate Masters Portrait Project then took it to the next level with some indoor rain and a fisherman’s sou’wester.


Studio Workshop BTS by Ashley Michaels


In the afternoon we worked up to a 4-light setup, and even used a bit of smoke for good measure.  A super fun day filled with friends, coffee, cakes and the occasional flash of brilliance.

Happy 50th Birthday Star Trek! Live long and prosper.


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  1. Chris offers a broad spectrum of photographic knowledge which he uses to construct fun and rewarding workshops. His workshops are hands on and adventurous. I walked away with new perspectives/skills that I can apply to my artistic abilities and my business. I look forward to the OCF workshop and the Kyoto trip in 2017! I highly recommend any of Chris’ workshops, very much worth the money/time.

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