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Cherubims No-kill animal shelter

Just before the New Year we took some pics of all the dogs at the Cherubims no-kill animal shelter in Ishikawa, Uruma City.  There are a wide range of dogs from big to small, young to old, healthy to infirm.  They all need homes, but for the very old dogs that are not normally adopted, it would be lovely if they could spend their last few months on a blanket with people to dote on them. Please help if you can. Cherubims Japanese Website Cherubims Japanese Facebook Page  


Ryukyu-inu a.k.a. Ryukyu-ken is a rare breed of dog endemic to Okinawa. My friend Roy who owns Musashi said he had to have an interview before he could get a Ryukyu-inu. Roy had to agree to numerous conditions including not neutering the dog and allowing it to be used for stud if needed. Very much on the wolf end of the domestic dog spectrum, it’s an impressive animal.