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In the Studio – Michelle

A few images from a portfolio shoot with model Michelle Santos. Michelle heads back to Brazil having spent several years in Japan. She wanted some new images in her book so that’s what we did. I’d like to thank Summer Johnson and Aiasha Orick-Fleurantin for their work on makeup and hair, and Michelle for being able to pull off so many different looks in a short time.

Pentax 645 FA 150mm F2.8 v Pentax 67 SMCP 165/2.8

Introduction One of the benefits of shooting with Pentax is the ability to use lenses from a larger format on smaller cameras. With an adapter, you can use Pentax 67 lenses on the Pentax 645 or Pentax 35mm cameras. You can read more about this in previous blog posts here and here. The crucial question is would the old school lenses stand up to the high resolution images created by the 645D. I was really pleased with the results I was getting when using the 67 105mm lens, but unsure about the telephoto 165mm. I’d tried it once or twice but found the images soft. As I recently acquired a 150mm 645 lens I could compare lenses of similar focal lengths and see what the differences were. Method I taped a page from a catalogue to a concrete post about 3 meters away, then took a shot of the page using both the 645 150mm lens and the 67 165mm lens with 67 to 645 adapter. I also photographed the page at three different f …