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Cosmos flowers bloom in Motobu

2017 is here, and the year starts with swathes of pink. In Okinawa, farmers often plant fallow fields with cosmos flowers. Not sure if it’s just to make life a little more beautiful, or if there are direct biological effects. Maybe something similar to planting clover for nitrogen-fixation. The cosmos flowers also provide lovely natural backgrounds for photos whether you’re out walking the dog, or taking pics of other people’s families. Thanks Jamie for letting me share a pic of KateLynn.

Sessions – The Ball Family

Great family session on Sunday evening with the Kayla, Adam, and little Alice. Kayla and Adam came out to Okinawa a year ago to train with 10th dan master Yoshio Kuba  of Okinawa Goju Ryu karate. In the past few months they’ve also added Alice to their family. A big thank you to Kayla and Adam for choosing me to take your photos and hope you have a smooth journey back to Australia. If you’re looking to have your own family session on Okinawa check out the Family Sessions page.