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Goroka Show, Papua New Guinea – Help! Name that tribe.

Another tribe that somehow I don’t know the name of. At the time I think I’d guessed they were more member of the Kunai Culture Singsing Group (shown in a previous blog), but now it is clear that they have different pattern of red, black, white and yellow face paint. For this next photograph I switched to using off camera flash to illuminate the portrait. It produces a very different style of image, and although I don’t usually go for this “lit” look when shooting travel work it is useful to add some punch and variety to the selection of images from an event.

The Man from Mamona

As you move away from a person it is more difficult to get eye contact and create a moment of connection between subject and photographer. In this photograph, however, the man stared right down the lens of the camera. At first glance this looks like an elderly frail man. Then you notice the veins on the muscles, the strength in his grip, and you realize he’s probably fitter and stronger than the guy on the other side of the camera.