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The Widow & The Warrior Helmet of Shingen Takeda

As the floats wound their way around Karata City, locals and visitors lined the parade route. On the Monday, among the thousands of spectators, one person stood out. An elderly lady waited on the side of the road clutching a framed photograph of an man dressed in the colors of one of the float teams. The Warrior Helmet of Shingen Takeda approached. Two lines of men dragged the float along the street and up across the bridge. Then something rather magical happened. The giant float with the warrior helmet of Shingen Takenda stopped. The elderly lady was ushered in front of the float, and the teams of men  turned to face her. The widow held up the photograph of her husband and the men cheered,  and cheered, and cheered again.

Karatsu Kunchi Festival – Saga, Japan (The day of rain)

Flew up to Kyushu to photograph the Karatsu Kunchi Festival. The main events took place on Sunday and Monday, but as the rain poured down, the Sunday procession was a little waterlogged. The kids were all looking a little glum. The adults however had a special remedy. Which appeared to be encouraged by the local constabulary. And so with heads held high, the floats were dragged through the city. And some people even managed a smile.