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Gamelan Dancers

Early Sunday morning I had the opportunity to photograph the musicians and dancers of a Gamelan Indonesian dance group. I shot portraits using natural light and a wide aperture against green vegetation. I also used the felt black background and a single strobe setup from the karate masters series to create a second set of images. Here’s a quick behind the scenes shot showing the black Lastolite background leaning against our car, and a Profoto B1 strobe with OCF beauty dish on the stand. Portraits were shot using the Pentax 645Z with the 90mm and 55m lenses. A huge thank you to the Gamelan dancers and musicians, and to Michael Lyon for setting up the shoot. Looking forward to seeing your performances in the future.

Top 10 Camera Accessories – Stocking Stuffers under $100

Camera Strap  You don’t need to advertise to the world which brand and model you own via your camera strap. A plain generic strap is a safer option. Pacsafe Strapsafe100 is easily removable with locking carabiners, but can’t be cut by thieves. Extra Memory Cards I recommend SanDisk as a solid reliable brand. You don’t have to buy the most expensive card if your camera is not shooting 4K or rapid bursts. Use the widget on the SanDisk website to see which card they recommend for your camera. Mini Tripod Small, light, cheap. Throw it in your backpack and it may just save the day when you haven’t packed your big tripod. (You can also use it to mount your off camera flash.) The Gorillapod is a design classic. Spare Battery Unless your shooting with an all mechanical film camera, you’re going to be using battery power. Get a spare so you don’t run out of juice. Polarizing filter The world looks better when it’s polarized. Less glare, bluer skies, greener vegetation.  Get a pair …

Okinawa – International Destination Weddings

Okinawa is a popular wedding destination for mainland Japanese, and more recently couples from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. I teamed up with the Marine Bijou wedding chapel, and model Yuki to produce some stock imagery that I can use in future projects. I shot with the Pentax 645Z allowing me to provide clients with huge data files if needed. For the “pre-wedding” images I used only natural light then switched to Profoto strobes in the chapel and on the beach. Outdoors in the blazing sunshine, one assistant (Chris) held the Profoto B1 in a white softlight reflector, while another assistant (Cody) held a large Lastolite diffusion panel that put Yuki into soft shade. The strong tropical sunlight really brought out the colors in the ocean, while the diffuser and powerful strobe allowed us to avoid harsh shadows. I got a great series of images so a huge thanks to Marine Bijou, the make up artist, Yuki the model, and assistants Chris and Cody. If you’ve found this blog because you’re looking for a wedding photographer in …