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Yanbaru Wildlife

Spent the day up in the Yanbaru region of northern Okinawa with wildlife photographer Mark Thorpe. Found a few interesting critters including mayflies and tiger beetles, both of which required a little patience before they’d stop for a pic. We then met up with wildlife artist Ichiro Kikuta to get some advice on the best place to find the endemic Yanbaru kuina. He advised us to head out at dusk to a small river where the birds would bathe each evening. We staked out the spot, and  just as the sun dipped below the horizon, a family of Yanbaru kuina came down to bathe. Splish, splash, taking a bath.

Timelapse Workshop

We had a great timelapse workshop this weekend with Mark Thorpe. Here’s a quick video I shot of Motobu Bay. The sequence is made up of 627 frames that were shot from 7.01PM to 8.01PM  The images were then processed together in LRTimelapse. Huge thanks to Mark for teaching the class and to James and Russell for joining and learning new skills. On the second day we worked on adding movement to out shots using equipment by Syrp. We also introduced Mark to Pizza in the Sky. A few things I learned shooting my first day to night transition: I had expected to use the cameras built-in intervalometer, but the Pentax K1 locks down the settings once you start the intervalometer. As you need to make adjustments to the shutter speed during the transition, I had to trigger the shutter manually counting 5 seconds between each one. An external intervalometer will solve this in the future. Bring mosquito repellant. Timelapses are awesome. Motobu is awesome. You are going to put a lot of wear and …