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Boroga Beach, Miyako

Perfect beach, perfect pool. Sometimes we are faced with tough decisions. Unfortunately, the reality was that on that day, I didn’t have time to swim in the pool or ocean. I was too busy checking the price of parking, noting down amenities and working out how to geo-tag the location. I’ll be back…

Maehama Beach, Miyako Island

Dawn at the gorgeous Maehama Beach on Miyako Island. A long stretch of soft white sand in front of the excellent Miyakojima Tokyu Resort. I’ve spent the past couple of months updating the Okinawa and Kyushu chapters of the Fodor’s Japan guidebook. A lot of the job is the somewhat mundane, but necessary, checking of phone numbers, prices, times and distances. However, the morning  I site-checked Maehama Beach was always going to be a good day at the office.