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Kyoto Workshop – April 1st-7th 2017

Kyoto Workshop      April 1st to 7th,  2017 An amazing photographic experience in Japan.  6 nights and 7 days exploring Kyoto and creating stunning images. We will be visiting iconic locations including temples, shrines, bamboo groves and traditional gardens. There will be monkeys, geisha, and a model (Yuki) in yukata and kimono.  6 nights and 7 days exploring and photographing Kyoto and the local area. We will also take side trips out to the castles and skyscrapers of Osaka, and the temples of Nara. As members of the workshop you’ll be doing more than just playing follow the leader. We’ll be learning as we shoot, capturing great images at each location. I’ll be bringing speedlights and a Profoto B1 so that we can add our own splash of magical light when desired. In the evenings you’ll have the opportunity to review images and work on your favorite shots in Lightroom.   Price US$1800 (deposit US$500)   Price includes accommodation in a business hotel in Kyoto for six nights (individual rooms with breakfasts), entry fees. Does not include transportation …

Deer, deer, deer

  Wet day in Nara Park. The local deer were too busy munching on fallen cherry petals to notice the rain. The less patient, and more ingenious deer, had a novel approach. Four legs good, two legs awesome.

The Best of Nara

Nara and Kyoto are the two biggest tourist destinations in Japan. Kyoto, the more famous of the two, is home to both the remaining geisha and the iconic golden pavilion. Nara, however, is the heart of Japanese Buddhism. Its temples are not just world heritage sites, but are often the largest, oldest and most sacred of their type. Standing among the pagodas and cherry trees it is possible to imagine Japan before cell phones, neon lights and the tsunami of concrete. Nara was Japan’s first permanent capital, and remains as one of the world’s great cities. Nara is not a large city and nearly all the historic sites are located in and around Nara Park. Tour groups on a day trip often complete a brief circuit of Kofuku-ji Temple, Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine in a matter of hours before returning to Kyoto or Osaka. Visitors, who prefer to travel without a megaphone wielding guide, would be better off spending two or three days on a tranquil journey of discovery, rather than an afternoon …