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Photography Fundamentals Workshop – February 1 & 2

Photography Fundamentals Workshop Progress beyond the camera’s green automatic mode. Take better photographs of your friends and family rather than point, shoot, and hope for the best. This is a fun workshop rather than a lecture. As we cover new topics we will be taking photographs, reviewing the images, and discussing the results.  You’ll be learning by practicing each new skill. Don’t be the person with all the gear, and no idea. February 1 & 2, 2014 9AM to 5PM Class Size: Max 6 Location: Ishikawa, Uruma City, Okinawa Instructor: Chris Willson Price: US$250  Get in touch via email or Facebook to reserve your place. Class outline: Equipment – The anatomy of cameras, lenses, memory cards, filters and tripods. Learn what gear you need, and what will help you improve. Exposure – Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Camera Modes, Metering. Take control of image brightness and depth of field, to create the images you want. Composition – Angles, Repetition, Balance, Lines, Simplicity. Whether you’re a sculptor, a painter or a photographer, there are some artistic rules that …

Surf’s Up

As a tropical storm approaches Okinawa, it’s time to grab your surfboard and carve up the waves. If you can’t surf, then you can always photograph those who can. You just need a long lens, a pair of Oakley’s, and a laissez-faire attitude to having all your camera gear covered in sea spray.

Boroga Beach, Miyako

Perfect beach, perfect pool. Sometimes we are faced with tough decisions. Unfortunately, the reality was that on that day, I didn’t have time to swim in the pool or ocean. I was too busy checking the price of parking, noting down amenities and working out how to geo-tag the location. I’ll be back…