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Pentax 645D II

Images (not verifiable)  have now begun to appear on the internet of a new Pentax 645D II to be revealed at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Tokyo next week. No news of the exact sensor, but a tilt screen would suggest live view, which would mean CMOS not CCD. The Pentax K3 is arguably the best APS sensor DSLR on the market, and it looks like the new 645D will rewrite the rules for medium format digital. For Pentaxians we live in exciting times.

645D Price Reduction

The U.S. price for the Pentax 645D has just dropped a massive 1800 dollars. This may tempt some to jump from full frame 35mm to something a little bigger, it also could be seen as an indicator that a Pentax 645D II is on its way.  Rumors are it could be 60 megapixels, a larger sensor (although not FF 645), and priced significantly higher than the original 645D. Pentax 645D at B&H for US$6996.95 Pentax 645D at Amazon US via Adorama for US$6996.95