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Front cover of National Geographic (textbook)

I did a double take the other day when checking out the reading materials at the local university. Spotted what looked like one of my photos on the cover of a National Geographic / Cengage Learning textbook about Mount Fuji. Checked inside, and yes it was my photo, purchased through a stock agency back in 2008. Always nice to have my images on the cover of a book or magazine. Would have been even better if it had been the National Geographic magazine, but it gives me something to aim for in the future. This image was shot back in the days of film with a Pentax 67 medium format camera. I’d travel around Japan with this wonderful beast of a camera, which is how this website got its name This photo was quite fittingly captured using Fuji film 🙂

Why the “67” in Travel 67?

The short answer: 67  refers to the frame size of the film my Pentax 67II camera uses. The much longer answer:  Just as digital cameras have different sizes of sensor, film cameras use varying sizes of film. The vast majority of film cameras use 35mm film. One step larger than 35mm are the medium format cameras that use roll film. Roll film always has the same width (56mm), but different medium format cameras vary in how much of the roll they use in each frame. The most popular medium format cameras are 6×4.5, 6×6 and 6×7. The image below shows how the frame sizes compare.       35mm     24x36mm    864             6×4.5           56x42mm         2352    (2.7x as large as 35mm         format)                6×7            56x67mm         3752 sq. mm.  (4.3x as large as 35mm format;            1.6x larger than 6×4.5)   …