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Pentax K5 IIs Exhibition

Starting February 13 in Tokyo, Pentax is having an exhibition of images shot with the new K5IIs camera. 15 photographers are involved and I was lucky enough to be asked to be one of them. Pentax selected a couple of my recent studio images, one of Alexis, and one of Sachi. I’ve spent a month working with both the 645D and the K5IIs side by side so I have similar images from both cameras. From February 13th to 25th the exhibition will be at Ring Cube in Ginza, Tokyo. This is the Ricoh / Pentax Gallery that overlooks one of Tokyo’s most famous intersections. From March 6th to 11th the exhibition will be shown at the Pentax Forum in West Shinjuku. Thanks to Pentax for selecting the images, to Alexis and Sachi for modeling, and Felicia Lee and Summer Johnson for hair and makeup.

Matsuri Exhibition – Like, Tweet, Share, Blog, Thumbs up and +

Only a few days to go until my solo exhibition in Tokyo! I will be at the Pentax Forum everyday, 10.30 to 18.30, from September 19th to September 26th (unfortunately I’ll miss the last few days as I’ll be back in Okinawa).  Please come along, check out my photographs, and say hello. Above is the map to Pentax square from Shinjuku Station. You can also copy and paste this address into google maps: 東京都新宿区西新宿1-25-1 There will be 29 big prints and 5 huge prints on display. It’s a really exciting adventure putting on a big exhibition, and I hope as many people as possible can stop by. It’s free to see the show, you won’t even be forced to buy any camera equipment by the Pentax staff. What I need now is for friends to spread the news, so as it says in the title, please Like, Tweet, Share, Blog, Thumbs up and + this post. Actually, what I really need now is for Typhoon Sanba to change course so my flight isn’t cancelled, but …