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Pentax K3 with Pentax smc DA* 55mm 1:1.4 SDM

Last weekend, while teaching my Fundamentals Workshop, I talked about the advantages of a fast prime lens for portraits. I often recommend the f1.8 or f1.4 50mm lenses to Nikon and Canon shooters. Pentax has the 55mm 1.4 which is one of their pro-grade DA* lenses. Fantastic quality, and priced as such at US$799. I used the K3 with the 55mm on the second day of the class as we explored the Yomitan area, and the combination produces a bright clear viewfinder with the ability to get a lovely shallow depth of field and nice bokeh. In many ways the results are similar to my 645D with the 90mm macro lens. Not the same resolution (however 24 MP is more than enough for most applications), but it is from a smaller, lighter, cheaper package. I often hear new photographers chatting about wanting to upgrade to 35mm full frame, with the notion that they can’t produce professional shots (either artistically or commercially) with an APS sensor camera. The reality is that APS sensor cameras can give …

Pentax K3 Studio Test Shoot – Tomoko

The lovely Tomoko was my third model for my test shoot with the new Pentax K3. I wanted to create a more classical portrait, that would show the balance between light and dark, but still retain detail in the shadows. Model – Tomoko MUA – Summer Johnson Pentax K3 Pentax smc DA* 55mm 1:1.4 SDM Lighting – Charcoal background. Beauty dish powered by Profoto Pro-7a as the main light. Small softbox as low fill. Medium size strip softboxes on both sides adding rimlight (powered by Profoto compacts). A fifth compact aimed at the background. Strobes triggered with PocketWizards