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Practice, practice, practice.

Last weekend I met up for a collaborative test shoot with photographer Jennifer Buchanan of Sunshine Soul Photography. Jennifer specialises in couture portraits of high school seniors, and is great at producing timeless images of the young ladies before they venture out into the big world. Jennifer arranged for two high school students Sierra and Savannah (and their parents) to meet up with us in Motobu. In exchange for their time, we’d give them a few photos they’ll hopefully love. Jennifer and I took turns photographing the girls. We offered each other tips, watched how we posed the “clients,” compared the gear we use, but above all we could just practice. Practice, practice, practice. Practice, and a lot of it, is required to become proficient at any skill. One theory states that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” is required to master something. Concert musicians are well known for playing hour after hour after hour. (Two thumbs up for the movie Whiplash). Sometimes it’s not the gear that is holding us back, but the limited amount of time that we spend practicing …

Vary your Angles (Part 1)

I was talking to a student on last weekend’s Photography Fundamentals workshop about the importance of varying your shots. If you’re taking pictures for yourself it will add some interest to your photo album. If you’re working professionally, it will give photo editors and image buyers more options. Sometimes they need a photograph in a particular orientation, at a certain time of day, and shot from a specific angle. If you’ve only taken one pic, the chances you’ve got exactly what they’re looking for is going to be very small.