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Chris Willson Photography 2017 Highlights

2017 has been another busy year. So many things to mention…. Photography workshops have been a success, and it’s been great sharing my passion (and terrible jokes) with so many other people, whether its learning the fundamentals, or dressing up as rockstars in the studio. We had an amazing 1-week workshop in Kyoto with six lovely ladies, and a combination of planning and a little luck meant we got to photograph maiko, cherry blossom, shrines, temples, castles, bullet trains, and blue skies over the week. Yuki started taking kimono classes before the workshop so she could be our subject for staged shots, and there were plenty of opportunities for fortuitous street photographs.  (We’re planning the next Kyoto Workshop for April 2019.) A huge thank you to clients who have booked me for sessions. It has been a pleasure shooting commercial portraits, families, fairy tales, and senior portraits. We’ve shot several events including the USO Service Salute, the Warrior’s Ball, and karate seminars. We’ve also worked on assignment with international clients including NBC, Cinq Mondes, and Forbes. …

Summer in Okinawa

Goldfish shoals, nibbling at my toes. Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun, Sun, Sun. HAPPY WELCOME to the summer heat and humidity. Beautiful blue skies, and sweaty sweaty t-shirts. Spent the weekend out in the sun for the North and South Intermediate Workshop.   82 year old Jahana-san showing how to stay cool in the summer heat. Put on a hat and stay in the shade. Time for some fresh mango juice.

Studio Workshop – Medics

Another fun themed studio workshop. After covering the basics we used a multi strobe setup to produce clean medical images on a pure white background. Images shot with Pentax 645Z with 90mm. 4 light strobe setup with two background lights, a 3×4′ softbox, and a softlight reflector white. Profoto D2, Profoto compact, and Profoto 7a generator system. A big thank you to Keith, Tyson and Allison for joining the workshop and being willing to dress for the part!

Summer Workshops

Another great Fundamentals workshop last weekend. Becoming a regular at the various cafes in Motobu and Yomitan. After a hot Sunday, we reviewed the images in my friend’s cafe Majorca. On July 30/31 we’ll have the North & South intermediate workshop. Then the next Fundamentals Workshop will be on August 6/7. More details can be found on the WORKSHOPS page. Get in touch to book your place!

Summer / Fall Photography Workshops

June 14 & 15 , 2014 – Studio Lighting Intro Workshop with Chris Willson June 28 & 29 , 2014 – Photography Fundamentals Workshop with Chris Willson July 12 & 13 , 2014 – Off Camera Flash Workshop with Pete Leong & Chris Willson October 4 & 5 , 2014 – Photography Fundamentals Workshop with Chris Willson October 10 & 11, 2014 – Light Painting with Trevor Williams and Chris Willson October 12, 2014 – Advanced Light Painting with Trevor Williams and Chris Willson For more details click on the Photography Workshops Tab. To book a place on any of the workshops please email  chris(at)    I will send you a Paypal request for the class fee. Payment secures your place on the course.