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Pick and Tuck Dressage and Eventing

Riding instructor Alexis leaves Okinawa today, but will soon be back in the saddle on American soil. Alexis wanted some new images for her company Pick and Tuck Dressage and Eventing so we set up a shoot to take some horse jumping and barn images. For the horse jumping images I used a long 400mm telephoto lens and prefocused the lens on the bars of the jump. With the lens on a tripod and everything focussed and framed I just waited for the Alexis and Sky to be in the classic legs tucked position before firing the shutter. I took photos of two different jumps, once facing almost into the sun producing a backlighting effect, and the other with the sun almost behind me. I prefer the style of lighting and the more muted tones of the above image, but it’s all a matter of preference. I wish Alexis and her husband Michael safe travels back to the States. Okinawa, and particularly Sky, will miss them.