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Ryukyu Rampage 2014

Do you find simply running from A to B no longer a challenge? Do you envy children as they splash in the mud, swing on ropes, and play with fire? Do you want to show the world just how fast, strong and awesome you are? Are you ready to rampage? Coming in November 2014, is Ryukyu Rampage. It will be open to everyone on Okinawa, so whether you’re an Okinawan firefighter, a U.S. marine, or an occasional jogger, all are welcome. The Ryukyu Rampage Website and the Ryukyu Rampage Facebook Page are now online. James (the organizer) asked if I could take a few action shots for publicity purposes, so we headed down to the beach with a few friends from Torii Gym. A huge thanks to everyone who helped out, it was great to see you all in action!