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On the banks of the Yamuna River

Sometimes things don’t go quite as expected. I’m standing on the bank of the Yamuna River with the Taj Mahal right in front of me. My favorite shots from the afternoon, however, are the goat herders that were wandering along the dusty riverbank. The last rays of sun created a glow on everything they touched. Magic.

Vary your Angles (Part 1)

I was talking to a student on last weekend’s Photography Fundamentals workshop about the importance of varying your shots. If you’re taking pictures for yourself it will add some interest to your photo album. If you’re working professionally, it will give photo editors and image buyers more options. Sometimes they need a photograph in a particular orientation, at a certain time of day, and shot from a specific angle. If you’ve only taken one pic, the chances you’ve got exactly what they’re looking for is going to be very small.