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Awa Odori – Tokushima City

Awa Odori, one of the great Japanese dance festivals. It takes place every August in Tokushima City on Shikoku Island. I photographed the festival about 5 years ago, before I started shooting digital. In many way things have changed a great deal. I’m shooting far more frames and I’m using higher ISOs when needed. However, the job of getting the images is just the same. Before the event it’s logistics and paperwork, then travel, and on the day of the festival it’s all about interaction and hopefully artistic vision. The change to digital did mean I could sit on the train back to Okayama and review the day’s images. Otherwise, I’d have had to dump a bag of 220 rolls off at Yodobashi Camera and then patiently wait to see what develops… A few of the elegant girls and ladies taking part.