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Toyota 2000GT

I took some more photographs of a client’s Toyota 2000GT on Sunday night. An exceptionally beautiful motoring icon, and now extremely rare. It was fun to get into the driver’s seat for a moment while I was checking the lighting. It’s not often you get to sit behind the wheel of a million dollar car. In both images I used the Profoto B1 strobe and a medium softbox to add some light to the car (above) and subject (below).

Okinawa Five-O

Coming soon to television screens this fall… Okinawa Five-0 Yuki leads a special police task force bringing justice to Okinawa’s streets. Genres: Action | Crime | Drama  Certificate: TV-14 Parents Guide: References to goya and shikawasa Trivia: In the show Yuki drives a left-hand-drive Toyota 2000GT. From 1945 to 1978 Okinawans drove on the right side of the road, and many had “import” LHD versions of Japanese cars. Lighting Engineer – Shawn Miller Director of Photography – Chris Willson A Lab Report Production