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Pentax 645Z – Frames per second / Autofocus speed

A couple of days ago my friend Rob said he was going to sell his classic Toyota Landcruiser Prado 70. I wanted to get a pic before it finds a new home, so this morning at 7AM I met up with Rob and my friend Shawn for a quick photo shoot. Shawn drove my car, I sat in the back with the hatchback open, and Rob cruised along behind us. We drove up and down Route 58 for a few minutes and I quickly got the shot I wanted. The 645Z can shoot 3 frames per second rather than 1 in the 645D. The autofocus also locks on faster. That said, for me, the most noticeable thing about this image is the dynamic range I’ve got to play with. No photographers were harmed during the making of this photo.