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Typhoon Chan-hom

Typhoon Chan-hom brings strong winds and heavy rain to the islands of Okinawa on 9 July, 2015. As the typhoon approached the staff at the Churaumi Aquarium protected the flower displays with netting. Tourists meanwhile scampered back to their cars as heavy rain began in the late afternoon.

Typhoon Neoguri – The Aftermath

Drove around today to get a few shots of the aftermath of Typhoon Neoguri. I didn’t get down to the flooded sections of the 58 as traffic was backed up for many kilometers, but did see how well the Yomitan Peninsular had fared. Driving along I saw an old lady walking slowly along the sidewalk. It wasn’t too windy, but it was raining a little. I stopped to see if she was okay and she told me she was just heading over to the village hall. She told me her name was Tokumura, she was 93-years-old, and that this wasn’t the biggest typhoon she’s ever seen. (I’m pretty sure she laughed at the suggestion.) I asked if she needed a ride, and she said not at all, the hall was just around the corner. As we talked a couple of young Okinawan guys also checked to see if she was okay. I left them chatting, and headed back out on the road. Large waves were still hitting Cape Zanpa, but the strong winds had gone. Most of …