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Childhood Inspiration


Tony Hart

Tony Hart

There are a few really memorable people from when I was growing up. Family not included, these people tended to inhabit the grey box in the corner of the living room.  

This morning I saw on the news that one of my TV heroes, Tony Hart, had died. He inspired a generation of kids to draw and paint through his show Take Hart on the BBC.  As a child I used to watch in amazement at he chatted to Morph, his animated plasticine sidekick. There was also something strangely calming about “The Gallery” when you stared at the creations kids from all over the country had sent into him while a mezmerizing jingle played in the background.





Both Tony Hart and Morph will always be a wonderful part of my childhood, and I am sure the feeling is shared by thousands if not millions more.

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  1. egad, that is sad news. I too loved morph as a kid. I think i actually sent in some pictures (of my teddies :-D), but i dont remember if they ever made it onto the tv. which probably means they didnt, coz i think i would remember if they did.

  2. I used to love seeing his drawings suddenly appear like magic as the lines got more and Morph, what can you say, they guy rocked! LOL

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