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Which scanner do you use?

Epson Perfection v750-M

Epson Perfection v750-M

I scan all my transparencies with an Epson Perfection V750-M scanner. It produces fine results, and is reasonably fast and reasonably priced for what it does. In Japan is has a different name the GT-X970, but much to my delight you could still select English rather than Japanese when installing the software. In the past when clients have requested, images have also been sent out for drum scanning. This has however was infrequent, and tended to be only when they wanted very large files.

Also essential to scanning is an air duster, to keep the scanner surface and transparency free of all the dust you can see, and then plenty of time, patience and the spot healing brush tool in Photoshop to remove all the tiny specks of dust which appear once you have enlarged the file.

Imacon flextight X5

Imacon flextight X5

Of course if money were not an issue I would run out and get an Imacon Flextight X5. It would do the job faster and produce better results if I was scanning images to very large sizes and needed to get every last detail out of the transparency. On the other hand if money was not an issue I would be in a hot air balloon cruising over the Masai Mara game reserve and someone else can do the scanning.

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