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flickr_logoDo you know why we have two ears and only one mouth?

Because we should be listening twice as much as we are talking.

I think this little piece of wisdom is fantastic. (Although perhaps not correct from an evolutionary standpoint)

Listening to others has helped me tremendously over the past few years. The initial design of my website was my idea, but it was the advice of my friend and webmaster Nick that helped me create something far better than I could have done alone.

Flickr is another example.  It required the input of others for me to understand the usefulness of the Flickr ( “the best online photo management and sharing application in the world” ). I signed up to Flickr a couple of years ago, put up 4 or 5 photographs and pretty much forgot about it.  At the time it seemed to be unnecessary to put my photos on another website when I had just spent so much time and effort creating my own.  Meeting the computer gurus in Tokyo last month, was a good example of an instance when I really needed to listen. Their advice was that Flickr is too useful a tool to be dismissed so easily. Even if you have your own website, Flickr is a great way for people to discover your work, comment on your photos, and follow your Photostream as new images appear.

So over the last month I have been uploading images, joining groups and making contacts. It has been surprisingly successful. I get feedback on my shots, and  can see what are deemed favorites, meanwhile I can check out everyone else’s photographs, and there are many fantastic images out there. The computer gurus were right, as rather than replacing my website Flickr brings in visitors who are interested in seeing more of my work or reading the features which relate to the images.

You can view my Flickr photostream here .

Even better, join Flickr, upload your photos and add me as a contact.

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Travel writer and photographer living in Okinawa, Japan


  1. Hey! I told you to use Flickr last July! My advice not good enough, hmm?

    Also, why is it evolutionarily better to talk?

    Also, nice front page Guardian action today!


  2. Hello Seb!

    Your advice about Flickr was great, just needed a catalytic agent for me to get my butt in gear and put it into practice.

    I hope you realized that this is the blog you said I should be writing. It only took me three or so months to get it up and running!

    Of course the real reason why we have two ears is that otherwise we wouldn’t have anywhere to put the second earpiece on headphones.

    Guess I should sign up to see the print version of the Guardian if I want to see all the pictures. No daily deliveries to Okinawa.


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