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Harley Riders in Okinawa

Harley Davidson V-Rod on Gate 2 Street, Okinawa

Along with the presence of Dr Pepper, A&W and Spam, the military presence in Okinawa has led to the popularity of another American icon – the Harley. On weekends there are often groups of bikers cruising up route 58 towards Cape Hedo, and once a year many of the riders parade along Gate 2 street as part of the local festival.
"Harley-Kai" biker on Gate 2 Street, Okinawa

Fantastic bikes, but as a Brit, I’d rather have a Triumph. 🙂


  1. One thing: from what I’ve heard, it’s not US-made Spam that’s the most popular; it’s Tulip, a Danish manufacturer, for some reason.

    I’ve been in Okinawa for too short a time (36 hours or so) to make a definite statement, but I have to say the food was a bit underwhelming.

  2. Only 36 hours and your critiquing already! Dude… I’ve lived on Okinawa for 36 years and still haven’t seen or done enough to satisfy these old bones. Unfortunately I had to go back to the USA for the last 12 months but I can’t wait to go home…Okinawa that is. From this Uchi Nanchu kokoro! BTW: I’ll be bring back a 2007 Heritage Softy with me when I come! Ya!!!!

  3. Just popped into your blog and was amazed to see that you have spent 36 years. That’s amazing. I was there for three years in the early 1980’s which, if you’ve been there for 36, we must have been there at the same time for a while.

    I am less than 10 away from retirement now and my wife and I are seriously considering retirement on Okinawa. My only reservation is that I was REALLY set on buying myself a Harley as a retirement present and the thought of leaving it behind was just too much to bear. Now I see that there is a Harley Riders group and that you are even planning to return to Okinawa with a Softail?

    I see your post was from Jan 2010, almost one year ago. Are you back there now? And did you bring your Heritage Softail?

    My reasons for not retiring there have just hit zero! :0)

  4. Hi Billy,

    JB has been on the island for 36 years, I’ve only been here for around 10. I’m still on the island, but unfortunately have never owned or ridden a Harley.

    There are still lots of Harley riders on the island though, so you’ll always be able to find people to cruise with.


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