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Okinawan Lizard

I found this little creature in the bathroom this morning. He was quite cold so easy to catch and happy to sunbathe while I took some photos. (In fact, once I had finished taking photos with my point & shoot I went back in the house got out my Pentax 67, changed lenses, attached a 1:1 macro adapter, inserted film, found light meter, and he was still relaxing on the shell when I came back.)

I have field guides for Japanese birds, and even a list of Okinawan dragonflies, I don’t however have a list of herps (This is where my friend Matt would step in when I lived in Peru ). Does anyone out there now what species this is?

Okinawan Lizard (Pentax W60)

Okinawan Lizard (Pentax W60)

Okinawan Lizard (Pentax W60)

Okinawan Lizard (Pentax W60)


  1. Actually, family name is probably Takydromus not Takydoromus. (I think someone was translating back from Katakana)

  2. toranosuke says

    Wow. Nice tokage, there. I wish the geckos here in Honolulu were that brightly colored and attractive. (We have a small population of invasive gold dust day geckos, but it’s far more common to see the smaller, far drabber dark brown common house gecko.)

  3. I’ve never been to Okinawa. Seeing this beautiful picture of the lizard, I feel like visiting Okinawa.

    I visited Kamakura the day before yesterday to take pictures of the giant ginkgo tree which fell in a storm on March 10. When I visited the shrine, they were already being carried out.

    I think you know about the tree. I put the pictures on my home page. Please look at them, if you are interested.


    • I just read the news about the tree. It looks like the shrine is going to try and save it. If it survives it will be another amazing event in its 1000 year history.

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