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Nicholas Centala at Global Gallery

Several interesting things happening in Okinawa this weekend. Ceramic artist Nicholas Centala has an exhibit at Global Gallery (Plaza House),  Kluso is playing Saturday night at Al’s Place in Okinawa City, and Erykah Badu is performing on Camp Foster Sunday night.

Just scanned this image of Nick firing up his kiln. Really happy with the shot, as it was very difficult conditions to shoot. I used a light meter to check how much light there was on his face and then asked him to stand still for a couple of seconds while I took the photograph. The heat was incredible, it was tough being so close to the flames for more than a fraction of a second. Nick came away a little singed but I think he’ll be happy with the portrait.

Potter Nick Centala Feeds his wood fired kiln

Potter Nick Centala feeds his wood-fire kiln


  1. Love the photo of Nicholas Centala you took. I went to Waseda as an exchange student with him back in 2000-2001. Then by chance I met him about a year ago at the gallery in Palette Kumoji to find out he was in Okinawa and doing pottery now. It must have been really hard to get that photo with such a lack of lighting. Very Impressive. Keep up the good work and keep taking wonderful photos.

  2. real hot photo Chris, cheers. Mike, where’d you disappear to? you came to the show and then no follow up! You missed all the brutal work and kickin’ barbeques!

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