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A tale of two cameras

Here’s a quick game of spot the difference between two images of the same lizard.

The first is the one I put up a couple of months earlier. Taken with the Pentax W60 compact point and shoot.

Okinawan Lizard - Pentax W60 compact=

Okinawan Lizard - Pentax W60 compact digital camera

The second image was taken just a few minutes later in the same lighting conditions with my medium format Pentax 67II and Provia 100F slide film.

Okinawan Lizard - Pentax 67II medium format camera with Provia slide film

Okinawan Lizard - Pentax 67II medium format camera with Provia slide film

Together these are a great example of how sensor / film size influences the depth of field. It is also interesting to see just how different the level of contrast is between the two shots.


  1. Informative–thanks for sharing the difference. My father was a professional photographer, and I really need to learn more stuff like this, rather than just point, shoot, and not think.

  2. The tonality on the lizard is great in the film shot. But that’s a painfully small dynamic range you got there; I’m happy I’ve never picked up a slide film habit. Shame you can’t fix that blown-out highlight.

  3. Slamdunk: Glad you found it useful

    Janne: You should give slide film a try. I have found issues with dynamic range usually occur when taking a photo of a temple exterior where there is high contrast between areas in the light and those in shadow. I now have a better idea about what shots won’t work when shooting slide film and will look for an angle with more even lighting. Having said that drum scans will often reveal detail in the darkness that you might not have known was there.

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