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F.A.Q.s – Can I check out the raw DNG files from your Pentax 645D

After putting up some full size Jpegs from the 645D on Flickr I’ve received several requests asking if I can send people the full raw DNG files.

The first issue is that the file sizes are very large, too big to send as attachments to an email. The second issue is one of control and copyright. I rarely put images on the net that have a width larger than 470 pixels and these are all watermarked. As you may have noticed I have not attached full sized Jpegs of my latest images to Flickr, but will post crops when I need to show how much detail there is in the image. I feel that sending out the raw DNG files to people over the internet would be asking for trouble.

The decision I have made is that I can burn a selection of raw DNG images to DVD and include copyright information explaining clearly that these files are for personal evaluation purposes only. Having the files will allow photographers to process the raw images and make prints for evaluation, but of course I don’t want to see those same images appearing on the net or even worse on stock agencies.

On request, I would be happy to include a DVD with the raw DNG files free of charge when people purchase one of the prints through my main website.  This means I will have your name and address (Yes I will know where you live!), it will ensure I am not getting requests from people with just a passing interest in the camera, and it will reward those who are supporting my own work. (If you recently purchased a print, and want a DVD just let me know and we’ll sort something out, I will still have your details on file.)

I hope this seems fair.



  1. Scott Marcellus says

    I fully understand your not wanting to give away the raw files of your images, but I think there’s an easy workaround. Take a couple of shots that have no artistic or commercial value, but have enough information for people to evaluate the quality of the files coming from the 645D.


  2. Jones says


    Copyright can be a problem, but whats the point of putting a copyright on to a lets say simple landscape testshoot? (best with f8-11). I can see your point, but on the other hand, it seems(at least to me) a bit overdone. For example, I recently downloaded over 5 gig of RAW data(Leica S2/PH P40+) on GetDPI. Free for personal use and this without registration. Oh and some H4D-40 .fff files. But this is your camera, your data and your decision…

    Yours sincerely


  3. Dennis Ng says

    Hi, Chris,

    I agreed a bit with Jones here. Obviously if you go to take a picture of the monkey in the streams (or other great picture for artistic purpose), I would get one. But asking to buy a print of Pentax 67 to access Pentax 645D seems a bit strange. I guess one option which I have taken in the past is to pay for a raw file using paypal (with address you want) but just download. I guess Micheal of Luminous Landscape has done it.

    Having said that everyone interest is a bit different. I am obviously about whether Pentax 645D is good compared with Leica S2 and Phase Back. Also, whether the lens is up to the challenge is another issues. Hence a series of test shot, which need a lot of efforts may I say, would be needed. Some compensation is ok but I guess this is your test shots as well, as you are experiment with the nature of the breast.

    I just got a GX680 and together with my Hassey and the Pentax 67, I am still sitting on the fence. Anyway, this is a hobby to me and if I need very unusal one, my 8×10 gears with expert drum 3005 plus CPA would get something ok out. Not MFDB level as I only have a V700. But it is ok. I can wait.

    On the other hand, even watching your JPeg is ok.

    BTW, I like the shots on the beach with balance flash but I am not sure about the second one. The flash is too strong, creating a shadow on the beach ground. Just my two cents.


  4. Is the 645D producing DNG files natively? And does pentax have their own raw processing software like hasselblad and phocus? As I recall from the hasselblad rep I spoke with, the phocus software uses a number of lens parameters specific to an individual lens (not just general model) to help correct various issues.

  5. Jones says

    @Stephen, yes the 645D produces DNG natively, together with their own RAW-fileformat…and the bloody JPEG format.

    AFAIK, Pentax does not have the own software, but Phocus 2.5 should process the Pentax-RAW and it’s free.
    With PSCS5 you get a specific corretion profile for several lenes, and you can even create your own profiles. (Adobe Lens Profile Creator)


  6. Jones says

    Oh, Chris I ( besides the DNG-thing;) ) would be very interested in a bulb exposure with 100s+ in terms of long exposure noise quality, if this should be possible:)


    • Well spotted Al! The date should be 1498! I was obviously confused with a completely different set of disasters that took place in 1945. (Will contact webmaster to make the change!)

  7. Dale Fiorillo says

    I would love to burn my .dng files to a dvd, but I cannot find
    a simple application that supports the dng format, and also multi-session burns. I’m using windows7 on a laptop, and the dvd would be in addition to the backup on an external hdd. Would really appreciate a hint so I can start using my Lightroom app. Dale.

    • Not sure about this Dale as I haven’t used Lightroom. Can’t you just drag and drop the files from the computer to the DVD and burn them? Then I would imagine lightroom could extract them from the DVD.

      Maybe someone more knowledgable will be able to answer this.

      The floor is open….

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