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Pentax 645D review on The Luminous Landscape

Shadows West 39th Street by Nick Devlin

Shadows, West 39th Street by Nick Devlin (Pentax 645D with 45-85)

Photographer Nick Devlin just posted a review of the Pentax 645D on The Luminous Landscape. Well worth a read. It is interesting that he talks a lot about how good the camera feels, this was one of the first things I noticed, particularly the solid grip you get on the body. It is also the kind of comment you can only give if you’ve used the camera, rather than just regurgitating the specs from the manufacturer’s website.

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  1. Dennis Ng says

    The camera started to show up everywhere and I even saw one selling in Tin Cheung in TST today. Even the local 8×10 camera movie star started to use this and making local news:

    (in Chinese but the picture and the man I hope you knew).

    I still not sure as my saving plan could never get this as well as Hessey CFV39 back. Hence, I am still watching how it develops and see what to get. My pentax 67 and Hassey 203FE is still fighting for their air time, as one has to go after the purchase.

    One thing (but seems not proved by you) is the lack of compatible lens to use. It seems so far the 67 lens is ok on your testing … something to concentrate at the moment.

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