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Studio Shoot – Tomoko

Studio Shoot - Tomoko (1)

Studio Shoot - Tomoko (1)

Here’s the first image from the latest studio shoot. A big thank you to the model Tomoko Peters, and Kim Clay for makeup.

The main light was a gridded beauty dish over my right shoulder. A second light behind the  model was used as a hair/rim light. I shot with both the 645D and the 67II. The above image was taken using the 645D and a 67 100m macro lens. You can see a slightly larger version of the image on Flickr.

And here’s another image from the shoot. In this one Kim did a peacock/amphibian eye which looks very cool. Using the macro lens allowed me to get in close for this shot, but I did find that the maximum aperture of f4 on this lens means that focusing is more difficult compared to the f2.4 105mm.

Studio Shoot - Tomoko (2)



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