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Up in the air

Last Friday I arrived at sunny Naha airport with a ticket to Niigata. Unfortunately, the flight was cancelled due to heavy snow up on the mainland. They told me the next flight to Niigata was the following day, when things would probably be back to normal.

The problem was I needed to be in Niigata that night, so that I could get to Nagano the following day. ANA allowed me to change my ticket and get on a flight to Haneda. I then got the monorail and local train to Tokyo Station, and finally jumped on the bullet train to Niigata. I arrived in Niigata 4 hours later and 11,000 yen poorer than I’d expected, but at least I’d made it. Let the adventures begin.

Heading north for the winter.

Heading north for the winter.

Looking down on Mount Fuji

Looking down on Mount Fuji

Rise of the Machines

Rise of the "Kawaii" Machines - This robot told you to check that your baggage tag and your baggage receipt matched. Future versions of the robot are expected to be weaponized and have a more scary face.

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  1. Katharine says

    I have inside information – they will also have a plunger attached and say “Exterminate”!

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