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March 11th Tsunami – Images from Okinawa, Japan

Wailing Sirens and Warnings

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 5.36PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 5.36PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.37PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.43PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.44PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.44PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.45PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.45PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.46PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.46PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.47PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.47PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.48PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.48PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.49PM

Ishikawa Bay, Okinawa 6.49PM

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Travel writer and photographer living in Okinawa, Japan


  1. nancy dollarhide says

    thanks for these pictures. keep us posted how things go.

    • Chris, Thank you so much for updating these photos and information on okinawas status. My sister just landed there yesterday to be there with her husband that is stationed in Okinawa. The family has been so worried and this really helped ease our minds. Praying everything stays “normal” over there. Also, thanks for all the other comments from other civilians or military personel who have posted into this. Such a relief. Will stay posted and share with family.
      K.D.M if you are reading this please contact us when you can. Love you


    • Gina Zamora says

      Thank you for this information. My son and his wife and my two grandchildren live right on Ishikawa bay. These pictures could have been taken from their yard that is how close they are. He is in the Marine corp there and I am so grateful to know that everything is OK. I have not been able to call them so this was a tremendous relief.

      Thanks again

    • hazaleyes says

      hi! I have a cousin who resides in Okinawa and I can not get in touch with him… I really just want to know if it is messed up pretty badly over there?! Or is there a shelter people are going too?

      • Lonna Singer says

        My grandaughter and her husband a marine (left for mainland today to help in recovery} are on a base in Okinawa.Any and all info would make me so happy.Bless you for doing this.

  2. H. Ann Harpster says

    Having just woken by my son informing me about the Tsunami. I have a grandson in the marines at Okinawa. Could you tell me if the base was hit. Thanks Ann

  3. JKunov says

    Okinawa is far from the quake area, but nevertheless you guys felt the tsunami? I hope no serious damage there.

    Okinawa holds a special place in my heart. Stay safe guys.

  4. Phillip Vive says

    Please keep posting pics.

    Rio revuelto, ganancia de pescadores.

    Good luck from Puerto Rico.

    Phillip Berrios Cabrera vive en Okinawa.

  5. Glad you weren’t up in mainland for this one. Looks pretty bad and thoughts are with those who are caught up in it.

  6. Quick Update

    We did not feel the earthquake here in Okinawa, and the tsunami appears to have caused no damage or had any significant effect on Okinawa.

    As you can see from the photos, the tsunami caused the ocean to retreat and then return quickly over the space of several minutes. There was no noticeable wave however.

    The main danger would have been if people had wandered out onto the beach when it appeared to suddenly be low tide. (Many Okinawans collect seaweed or shellfish when the tide is low.) There were continual warnings from loudspeakers telling locals not to go to the beach. Any I couldn’t see anyone on the beach from my vantage point.

    Thoughts go out to those in Sendai who were hit by the full force of the tsunami.

    • Thanks so much for sharing information on Okinawa. I too have a son in the Marines currenly on deployment in Okinawa. This is the only info I can find on the net regarding situation on Okinawa following Tsumani. Thanks for any further updates you can provide.

      • Sharon M. says

        My son is stationed on Okinawa. He called me this morning saying he was okay. Sometimes he will tell me everything is okay so I don’t worry so it was good to read your update and see your pictures. Thank you for posting them.

      • Zel says

        My brother is also in the Marines who just recently deployed last week to Camp Schwab, Okinawa, Japan. This is good news to hear. I also received a msg from our Family Readiness Officer stating that our Marines are “doing well.” Please keep us posted.

    • Love says

      Thank you so much for posting these. I have friends there that I can not reach at this time. Stay safe.

    • Erin says

      Thank you so much for posting! My best friendfrom high school is stationed there with her husband and son. Her family still hasn’t heard from her. This will be helpful for them.

    • Ginger says

      I spent 3 years in Okie and I remember all the Earth Quakes and Typhoons. So happy this didn’t effect you seriously. Prayers are there with you… Thank you so for the info.

    • Peter says

      Thank you for the post on Okinawa i have a friend based there and cant reach him so its good to know everything is ok!!!

  7. benjamin garcia says

    I have a good frien in okinawa. keyso miyara. i hope he and his famiky are fine. nuestros mejores deseos desde honduras. estan en nuestros pensamientos!!

    benjamin garcia la ceiba, honduras centro america

  8. Betsy Kachelmeier says

    Thanks for the pictures and updates. I have been worried all morning as it seems most of the news channels here keep talking about everywhere but Okinawa! Lived there for five years, keeps a special place in my heart and still have friends there! Glad you are safe.

  9. Tord S Eriksson says

    Just seen hundreds of cars swept into the sea – new Toyotas I think!

    • Terry says

      Where are you located? Anything on Kadena AFB? My daughters family are there.

      • Jackie says

        Terry, please let me know if you hear from her…My thoughts and prayers are with you…always will…Jackie

  10. Chris,

    Thanks for the update. I have a son stationed on Okinawa and it is a great relief to know there is no problems there.

  11. Thank you so much for the information on Okinawa – my grandson is stationed there and I was frantic trying to find any information on whether the island was affected by the earthquake or the tsunami. Much appreciated. Prayers to those in the affected area.

  12. Tammy T says

    Your updates have certainly put this worried Mom’s mind at ease this morning. Our daughter is currently stationed with the Marine Corps in Okinawa. Prayers going out to those who have been affected by this nightmare.

    • Judy says

      I agree ..thanks for the pics and update my son is also a marine stationed in Okinawa–no info on that area being reported…..

  13. Phillip Vive says

    I just contacted Phillip Berrios. He is alive and well in Okinawa. Thanks.

    • Dale Alter says

      Can u see if u can contact William (Bill) Wadsworth….he is a marine stationed in Okinawa …his wifes name is Cookie….if u can, please let them know that Dale is worried about them….they live on base as far as I know

  14. Genesis Ventura says

    thank you so much for posting these pictures and for telling us everyone is fine and that they werent hit… i am so worried because i havent heard from my husband who is deployed in Okinawa, and i just cant get my mind off of whats going on. PLEASE KEEP US INFORMED! THANK YOU

  15. Carlyn Putnam says

    Thank you so much for providing information on the status of Okinawa. I have several Okinawan relatives living there, but due to the language barrier, I have been frantic trying to find out how Okinawa faired from the earthquake and tsunami. God bless!

    CJ Putnam

  16. Dale Alter says

    Can someone see if they can find William (Bill) Wadsworth….his wifes name is Cookie…hes a sargeant in marines stationed at Okinawa…..tell him that Dale Alter from VA is worried about them ….they live on base the last time we spoke…Thank u

  17. thanks for the peace of mind i was worried about my daughter she works in the hops her name is airman cristina castor please have her call me 039 3392629695. thank you i’m in italy.

  18. lynnette says

    I live on Okinawa, I can tell you that we are fine here! We are just under a tsunami warning, and will be until the aftershock stops. The cell phones are down (at least for most of us) but we are managing just fine! Please pray for those in mainland!

    • Patti says

      I have a military family there….they went camping for the weekend with the kids…..We are all worried sick here in the States. We have not been able to reach them and ever website that the Red Cross gives me is worthless. The Embassy is shut down for the day in Toyko….We just keep praying they are alive and well!

    • Dottie Armstrong says

      Thank you so much for the update! I have a son who was just stationed at Kadena and got there Feb 18th……I have not heard from him and was worried, but he hasnt had much luck figuring out how to call the states. I also havent been able to get him either… Seeing that the cell lines are down makes me feel better that I havent heard from him.

  19. jayne says

    My son is commander of Okuma base, Okinawa. He emailed me at 6:45 am and told me not to worry “all is good here”

  20. Bob M says


  21. Cat Ogden says

    Thank you all for the updates! We also have a son on deployment in Okinawa. We are glad to hear it is safe. Our hearts go out to others that are affected by this disaster!

  22. Nikki says

    Thank you so much for this information! My boyfriend is deployed to Kadena AFB…and his mother called me this morning frantic about the earthquakes which I didn’t know about. I haven’t heard from him yet and this really puts me at ease! So glad I can call his mom and tell her everything is fine 🙂

  23. Linda says

    Glad to hear everything is fine in Okinawa. My mother is from there and her sisters and their families live there. She hasn’t been able to get a call through. Thanks for the pics and thanks to everyone’s posts about the situation in Okinawa.

  24. Donna Howell says

    My son and his family lives in Okinawa, Japan. He sent a message that phone lines are down and he was ok. That was 6 hours ago right after the quake. And before the tsunami hit. Is there any damage or ect.. His name is Brian Howell if you should know him please let them know we are worried about him and his family..We love them very much. Thank you for posting..

  25. Marine Mom Teresa J says

    My son is also deployed in Okinawa Japan and I’m waiting to hear from him. My prayers to all in the affected areas. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  26. Ruperd says

    Hey Thanks you so much. My niece is there in Okinawa with the Marines, your blog is such a relief for us parents back in the states now. God bless you. We are a little nervouse here in ca.
    But we will pray that you guys are safe all the time.

  27. Stephanie Lobdell says

    Thank you so much for posting this. My brother is a Marine Corporal in Okinawa and I haven’t been able to get a hold of him. I appreciate it!!!!!

  28. Dawn Marcelle says

    This is certainly good news about Okinawa, I’m greatful my pals are ok. Prayers and Blessings to Sendai!

  29. Leiloni says

    Thanks from Texas too, for posting these pics and info. I left Kadena almost a year ago, and still have very good friends there. It is very comforting to find something about how those on the island have fared this morning.

  30. Jay says

    Do you know why the phones are down on the southern part of Okinawa. We keep trying to call and only get a Chinese phone response.

  31. Susi says

    I too have a son on the base and I am extremely grateful for your post as there is no other info to be found about Okinawa.

  32. my daughter is married to an american marine[drew pate]and have been very worried .i talked to my daughter about 5hours ago and she said she was o.k.my prayers are with them and all the people in tokyo.

  33. Elaine says

    Thanks for this blog – my son is a marine there – this makes me feel better! Have not heard from him – but believe he is ok!

  34. Faith says

    thanks for posting information. I have a friend who lives there working on a farm. She’s a surfer so I knew she would be near the coast, and was worried. Thanks.

  35. Linda says

    Thanks for the info. and the pics, my sister is there and I was so worried- thanks again for sharing!

  36. Lynne M. says

    Chris, Thank you for posting this. My father is retired military and living with his wife in Okinawa. Your blog eased not only my mind – but after reading this the minds of many. We live in CA and while we expect higher water levels I do not think there will be damage. Thank you again.

  37. Christina says

    Thank you so much for posting this. My son is stationed in Oki. He said he was ok but I knew he might have told me that just so I wouldn’t worry when really things might not have been ok. Now I see they are. Thanks 🙂

  38. Amy Shankland says

    Thank you, thank you for this blog. I have a stepdaughter there and was so frantic this morning. I’m so glad you all are okay on Okinawa. Prayers go out to the mainland. I’m looking for a way to donate to help.

  39. Marsha says

    I am absolutely relieved to hear that Oki is ok. I have family there and my mom is frantic to know what is going on. Thank you, thank you for posting this!!! No phones as everyone has already confirmed. Why are you still under warning? If there are aftershocks could that mean a possibility of a tsunami or just more of the tide coming in and out like it did earlier? I also have family in the Tokyo area. Don’t have phone numbers for them, so we have to contact our Okinawa family in order to find out about them. They are two cousins with young children so we are anxious. Please, please update us on when the tsunami warnings are over for Okinawa. Thanks again!

  40. Jim C says

    Hope the Seabees stationed in Okinawa can be of some help in Japan. Can Do…………..

  41. mollyirish@ymail.com says

    Thank you so much, this information completely put my mind at ease! My fiance is a marine stationed in OKI, I have been worried sick, his phone hasn’t been working!

  42. kimiko S. says

    Thanks for the update. The news has not reported anything about Okinawa and I have a ton of family in Naha. We figured no news was good news, but it makes me feel better to know for sure. Stay well and keep us posted if anything else happens due to aftershocks.
    Thanks again

  43. Debbie says

    Thank you, Chris, for posting this information. My son is a Marine stationed at Camp Foster in Okinawa. Since I have not heard from him, I was relieved to hear from someone who is actually living on the island.

  44. Chris, thanks so much for the updates. Now that I know you are here, I can check in from time to time. I was born in Okinawa. My father was stationed there, and met my cute little mom and fell in love! They married, and the rest is history. I still have a lot of family there, and was very worried this morning. It seems the news is posting a lot on Japan, (rightly so) and Hawaii, but there has been no mention of Okinawa. So thank you for your post and pictures. It has come as a tremendous relief to me and my family. Thanks again, and I will be in touch!!!!!


  45. Sandra R. says

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures! My boyfriend is a Marine Stationed in Okinawa and this is definitely a relief!

  46. Jenniffer A. says

    I’ve been unable to find anything about Iwakuni, My little brother just arrived 2 days ago for deployment.. I have been worried sick about him until this morning when he called and reported that they didn’t even feel the earthquakes or anything. Seems That base is protected from tsunamis by the bay and land breakage on either side. So anyone with family and friends stationed at Iwakuni can rest assured that they are safe as well!

  47. The King Family says

    Praise God, the Tsunami did not affect the Okinawa area. We have been praying for those that were affected. Thank you for the information and pictures. Our newphew and his family were recently stationed in Okinawa. Please keep us posted.
    God bless you.

  48. Donna B. says

    Thank you so much for all of the updates. I’ve been unable to reach my family in Okinawa, but these updates have given me hope that this is due only to lines being down. Stay safe, All, and best wishes to Sendai.

  49. Darrell says


    Thank you for your blog and updated photos. Have lots of friends in Okinawa and glad to see everything is ok there. Keep the photos coming.


  50. LAURA says

    Thank you for the update as you are the only source of information I’ve been able to find. I lived in Yomitan for a few years and I care and love the Okinawan people so very much. I am glad everyone is okay.

  51. Thank you for your updates! I kept telling all my friends here in the states that Okinawa is so far south of Tokyo, it takes 2 hours to fly there, I really felt it would be okay. I’m glad to hear my relatives there are safe. My niece and a friend of mine live in Tokyo, I am concerned for them though. Power of Prayer works in times like this. Thanks!

  52. mirna Velasco says

    I was talking to my son Richard Velasco an hour before it hit and i haven’t heard from him since yesterday.I am so happy Okinawa is ok but my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was hit.Thank you very much for posting these pictures.

  53. Like many above, I have a cousin stationed in Okinawa. These pictures are very reassuring, thank you!

  54. marine's sister says

    Hey everyone my brother left to go to japan tuesday and he called Wednesday he was at some islands called marshall island please if anyone know if they made it to okinawa Japan please write back thanks a lot

    • nancy dollarhide says

      praying for his safe return and that you will here from soon.

  55. chris aguirre says

    thanks for the update. i have nephew that is stationed in okinawa in the marines. and usually i will never miss his calls when he does call. but this morning i did. and then i heard about the tsunami and was worried that something had happened to him. but after seeing this i can breathe a sigh of relief and know that he is okay.

  56. Jessie says

    My husband is at Kadena on Okinawa, so if anyone has any info from that base, it would be appreciated… We have yet to hear from him, but this helps put us at ease. Thanks so much to those that are praying, and I hope everyone speaks with their loved ones soon.

  57. lynn says

    Thank you for this. I was concerned all day for the people of Okinawa. I lived there for three years and it’s still a very special place for me. I am praying for the people of Japan.

  58. Sherri Akitoye says

    Thank you for this posting. I was worred about my son in law and if there was any damage from the tsunmani. There has been nothing from the media about Okinawa. Stay safe, God Bless

  59. Silvia Zuñiga says

    Hi, thanks for the information!!! We have friends there I hope everything is OK for them. If you may know them please let me know. His name is Valentin Yoshiaki Maeshiro Higa he owns a mexican restaurant.

    Thanks a lot!

  60. Kylie says

    Thank you so much for postingpictures:)!!!!!! My dad is stationed in Okinawa and I started freaking out when i heard about the tsunami and earthquake!!!!! Again, thank you!

  61. Ruth Bowers says

    Thank-you so much for putting my mind at rest with the photos from Okinawa.
    My son, Matt is there and the whole family have been very worrid
    Our hearts go out to thoes caught up in this terrrible disaster.

  62. Eugene.Blum says

    Thanks a lot for only relevant information about Okinawa! Our oldest sun is there.

  63. Karen says

    It is a relief to see that everything is well in Okinawa. My son is there and we have been worried also. Even though I cna’t get hold of him just seeing your post has given me alot of relief!
    Thank You

  64. Debi says

    My bf’s son is stationed in Okinawa and is worried sick. I sent him a message letting him know that the cell phones are down. I’m so relieved to hear that everyone is okay. My thoughts and prayers go out to the mainland. Please keep us posted. Thank you so much for this blog.

  65. Julie Levelius says

    I know this is a shot in the dark but my son, Ben, is in Akita Japan. He lives in Yusawashi, Akita Ken. He is a teacher with the Jet Program in his first year. I have not heard from him since the earthquake and tsunami. I don’t know anything and I was hoping someone could tell me when/if electricity will come back to Akita and when/if cell phones or any phones will be back. Does anyone know what happened in that prefecture? I cannot get a hold of him, as you can tell. I have been trying for 12 hours now. His family and friends are sick with worry. Does anyone know anything about this prefecture? Anything at all? Thank you.

  66. Jessica says

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures. My brother is stationed Okinawa and we have all been so worried. Now that I have seen pictures it eases my thoughts tremendously!

  67. Arnon Bruno says

    Brazilian people are very concerned about this situation regarding our Japanese brothers.
    We wish good luck to our brothers!

  68. Leo Michalewicz says

    Thanks so much for any/all updates on Okinawa. My son, his wife and 3 grand babies are their. Contacted the USMC in CA via email, and no answer from them. Please keep us all informed of any updated news. All we see is local Japan news via CNN (which is usually and makes people worried more than needed “Sometimes”). They are now talking about Nuclear leakage and Radiation. (?) I am aware that Okinawa is several hundred miles from the mainland (Been there twice) But shock waves and long after effects have us worried. Looks as if everything is moving East twards the states in the Pacific. Again Thank You so much for opening this Blog! Are prayers go out to all of the people and there familys in Japan, as well as Our US Marines stationed there! God Bless all of you!

  69. Tamara says

    Chris, glad to hear you’re well. I checked in on Katharine’s fb to see if she had heard from you and found the link to your blog. Will you be heading North to help with some of the clean-up?

  70. Monica says

    Thank you so much. I grew up in Okinawa and have been very worried. keep safe.

  71. Scott says

    OMG! I’m so glad Okinawa was not affected – I was stationed there in the early 90’s & LOVE OKINAWA! God bless our troops & the people of Okinawa!

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  73. Sara Imrie says

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos!! My son and his family are stationed in Okinawa and just recently move on base from a ocean front condo. Although I know they’re safe, I haven’t heard from them or seen them on online since this morning. Your photos put my mind at ease!

    Thanks again!

  74. Mimi says

    I was in Okinawa 5 months ago visiting my son who is stationed there. It is about 900 miles south of Tokyo, far from the devastation. He notified me this morning that everything was OK there and that they had not felt anything.

  75. Gail says

    Thank you so much. Our son and his wife are at Kadena AFB & I’ve been trying to call them since early this morning. Glad to hear the cell phones are having problems. Makes me feel better. I logged on to the Kadena AFB website & got no information from that. They had nothing about what’s going on there. Glad I found your site.


    Thank you everyone for all your comments. I am so glad that this blog could suddenly transform itself into a forum that could help or at least reassure so many family members of people living in Okinawa.

    I apologize that some of your comments didn’t appear immediately at times, but each one has to be approved before it appears on the site.

    Things seems to be getting back to normal in Okinawa. A big karate tournament that was to have been held at the budokan in Naha was cancelled, but otherwise it appears to be a regular day.

    The phone lines seem to be working much better now, but I imagine that it will still take a while for you to contact loved ones.

    Thoughts go out to all those living around Sendai the area that bore the full force of the tsunami.


    • Penny says

      Thank you all so much, for being a place to go today, when things have been so frightening and uncertain. The photographs of Okinawa here, eased a lot of our minds, I think. I am fortunate in that I was able to briefly email with my husband today and know he was well. As Chris suggested, I think Sendai and Tokyo environs need our thoughts now. Best wishes for all of you and your loved ones.

  77. SID says

    thanks for the good news. our son is at camp hansen and we havn’t heard from him since he called telling us it was headed their way. we went to work all day just wondering and could’t find specifics on okinawa. i’ll definately save this site. God bless yall.

  78. Mary says

    Thank God for bloggers. I was doing a search to find out about Okinawa and stubbled across your photos. My son is a Marine stationed there and it was so reassuring.

  79. Liza says

    Thanks for the pics! I feel so much better now knowing my friend, Pvt Raymond Garcia is safe in Okinawa!!

  80. Nicole says

    I just spoke to my sister-in-law who lives in Okinawa. She says everything is fine. I’m not sure about cell phone service but she was able to call us from a land line. I don’t know exactly where she lives but its near the base where Kubasaki High School is.. Camp Foster maybe?

  81. Masako Vannatter says

    I am so worried about my sisters ans brothers in Okinawa. My sisters name is last name Higa. Any news please let us know. Thank you God Bless, Masako Vannatter

  82. Julia says

    What a great blog. My son is a Marine at Camp Schwab, and I spoke to him early Friday morning (Atlanta, GA time). He and his buddies were fine and actually having fun (typical 19 year olds). I wonder if the Marines will be involved with any humanitarian efforts.

  83. molly. says

    My dad is in Okinawa. He reported no action as well. So thankful.

  84. Stacey says

    What a blessing! Thank you and God bless you for keeping us posted. My son is due to leave from there and can’t wait to see him, it’s been 7 years! You all are in our prayers in Jesus name! Keep the faith!

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  86. Laura says

    I am so thankfull to YHWH that nothing happened in Okinawa. Our prayers to all Japan and its people. May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with every family in Japan.

    Blessings for all the USA TROOPS STATIONED IN JAPAN


  87. Elaine S. says

    Thank you, Chris. Okinawa seemed to be far enought away from the earthquake but was were concerned about the tsunami effect. Good to hear that Okinawa was not effected by the tsunami. My son is stationed in Okinawa but have not been able to reach him. Please keep updates and pictures coming. Thanks again. E./Pittsburgh PA

  88. Lerma Hernandez says

    Thank you for posting the pictures taken in Okinawa. My son is in the Marine Corps and has a family with a young daughter. We have been trying to communicate with them, the lines are all busy. We’ve been worried sick thanks for the pictures you posted looks like it is normal back there. We were concerned about the effect of the Tsunami being close to Japan. We pray that the Japanese people will sustain this calamity with God’s grace.

  89. diane trzcinski says

    my son and daughter in law are at kendena afb but I spoke with him through social networking and telling me that he wss safe and in no danger. I have spoken with him lately. I am so grateful for this website

  90. Winston says

    I just wanted to say thank-you for this blog. My mother is from Okinawa, so needless to say, my grandparents, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. are out there. It wasn’t till today that we were able to get a call through and verify that everyone is ok.

  91. Kath Corney says


    My really good friend Theresa Fulan (Howard) just moved there two weeks ago to be with her daughter Cheryl Mills who is a Marine. I am not sure exactly where Cheryl is or what her job is for that matter, but she has a 2 year old daughter called Madeline and my friend Theresa just moved there to look after her granddaughter. Is she OK? If you meet her or know anyone who knows her, can you tell her Kath from Australia is very worried. xxx

  92. Sheila Fontenot says

    Thanks for all the information posted. I have a son in the Air Force stationed at Kadena AB, his wife and two kids are there with him. I have been glued to CNN since the earthquake and tsunami, it is horrible. I have spoke with my son twice, on Friday at 5 am and again at 1 pm our time in Louisiana. It’s a relief for me to read these post by other’s in Okinawa. I haven’t heard from my son again and was wondering if he was withholding info from me so that I wouldn’t worry. I pray for everyone there.

  93. Resa says

    Thanks for posting the pictures. We are worried about our family in Okinawa. We haven’t heard from them as of yet. This really helps. Thank you.

  94. Leslie Hopkins says

    To Chris Willson,

    Thank you for all your hard work in getting information to family members living outside Okinawa, that are worried and have been waiting to hear news of Okinawa that for some has yet to come. It was a huge relief to hear that Okinawa was pretty much spared of all the tragedies that could have occurred. I have been waiting to hear something on the news, here in the US. My family lives there in Shuri and Aja. I haven’t heard anything yet and the more I saw on the news, the more I would worry. Chiyo Nagayama is my Grandmother, and due to the fact that she lives alone, I’ve been extremely worried. From what I know she is healthy and doing ok, but I don’t know 100% for sure, so that was a concern as well. Besides my Grandmother I have Aunts, and cousins that live on the island as well. So reading what you have said has brought some relief, but of course I’ll continue to be worried until I hear for sure that my family is ok. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and again thank you for all your hard work. Take care, and God bless.

    From Leslie Hopkins

  95. My nephew is in the marine Corp,His Wife Name Is Andrea Cummings,
    His Name is Michael Eric Cummings USMC.They Are From Jersey City N,J. They Have A Daughter Name Mia Cummings, Andrea Is Pregwant With Her Second child. Please Give MY Family An Update,His Father Suffers From A Stroke And Also brain Truama.

  96. Thank you all for posting pictures from okinawa,Alot of people here in Atlanta georgia would like to say thank you very much for posting updated pictures of okinawa.

  97. Cindy Hendrickson says

    Thanks for this info. I’ve been looking for a couple of days but there is not much out there on Okinawa. Spent a year there in the 90’s teaching English. What devastation! I am very relieved to see Okinawa got missed.

  98. Laura says

    I have an uncle in Okinawa and I believe his son and family live in Tokyo ; does anyone have any information on a Ben Garcia? may also go by bemigno or benjamin.

    his sisters are Florinda & Lupita Garcia in Texas and California. still have not heard anything on him or his family.

    please let me know if anyone knows anything.

  99. L. Tabitha Ferguson says

    We’re wondering how the people from Chibana Church Of Christ (Military and Local Civilians)are doing — we’re former members of the Church Of Christ Congregation there; we’d also like to know about any Church Of Christ members on the main Island? Our prayers for all, especially those in Christ, Love the Ferguson’s Limuel, Jr. , Tabitha, Ariel, Lim III, and Jonathan @ Bilbo Church Of Christ in DeRidder, LA, Leesville, Church Of Christ, and University Church Of Christ in Shreveport, LA. followersofhim@bellsouth.net

  100. Jerre says

    Cannot find any info as to whether the radiation problem will hit Okinawa. Anyone heard anything? My daughter just moved there with her Marine husband and we are all worried. She just keeps telling us all to “chill”. Seriously??

  101. Joyce Clanahan says

    I would like to know how to get in touch wioth my son? He is a Marine and stationed in Okinawa,Japan. I haven’t heard from him at all and was wondering if anyone can tell me how I can get in touch with him.

  102. lovedtheisland says

    Glad everyone is ok. Appreciate what you do. The “trickle down effect” of the famiiess this simple blog touches probably cant be measured.

    our thoughts go to all the great people of Japan and Okinawa Island. Keep the faith.

  103. Chris Wilson,
    Thank you for your blog and for the news about Okinowa. Was really worried for all of you there. I remember Shuri Castle, by the way, which we visited when we lived there. (My husband was in the army and we lived there in 1976 until 1977.) Our son has been stationed in Okinowa two times, and visited with his wife another time. (Our son, David, is now a captain in the US Marine Corps.)

    Each of us in our family has loved Okinowa and its people when we have been there, and all of us have managed to not meet any habu while there, although one was on our doorstep one day when my husband was stationed there with our two young sons (our duplex neighbor saw it that morning and told us of it).

    Also I remember the beaches and the coral that is built up under the beach waters, stretching far out under the normally shallow coastal waters surrounding your island, so that the deeper ocean waters are farther away from your island. Your pictures show how the deeper tsunami waters did rise up to the edge of your island, and thankful that the waters did not rise up any higher.

    Sincerely yours,
    Linda L. Dreier

  104. thank you for the post / pics of Ishikawa Bay-

    I was there for 2 years in the early 90’s –

    I got homesick for Oki- when I was leaving-

    I still miss it~

    Chris where do you live/stationed at- anywhere near Kinville- Kin Blue? Kin Red?

    • Hi Sabrina,
      The photos were taken right next to my house, overlooking Ishikawa Bay. I’m about 15 minutes from Kin Town

  105. Mike Kamphaus says

    So glad to hear no damage to property or personal there on the main land. Was stationed at Awase transmitter site for 18 months and still think warmly of the people and enjoyed the island. Thank God.

  106. HannahFugate says

    My Uncle is stationed in Okinawa we spoke and he said everythings allright there I hope the same with your family and friends!):

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