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Pentax 67 lenses and accessories on Ebay

Just placed some Pentax 67 lenses on Ebay. Doing this to raise some funds and release some space in the humidity controlled cabinet for the wide angle lenses I need to get for the 645D. I will still continue to use the Pentax 67 film system, but can’t justify having these fine lenses sitting around when they should be out exploring the world.


  1. Shaun M says


    Which “wide angle” 67 lenses do you mean? I have a 67 45mm that needs a new home if you are interested….

    • Thanks Shaun,
      I actually have the 67 45mm, a great lens. I am looking at getting either the 25mm or the 35mm for the 645D.

  2. Too bad I have a Pentax 645NII and no converter for the 67 lenses but I’m sure that these lenses will find a new home as it looks like medium format film photography is having a bit of a revival.

  3. Shaun M says


    Wide angle is the hole my lens lineup now too. I hope the new 25mm will be an excellent lens.

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