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Pentax 645D v Phase One P40+

Pentax 645D v Phase One P40+ (Image from Luminous Landscape)

Mark Segal and Nick Devlin recently did a comparative review of the  Pentax 645D versus the Phase One P40+. You can read the full review on the website Luminous Landscape.  An interesting read, with the overall conclusion being that very little separates the two beasts with regards to image quality. This might be expected as you’re comparing two medium format cameras with 40 megapixels sensors, but the price difference between the cameras is significant. The Pentax seems the far better option as a field camera, while the ability of the Phase One to shoot tethered gives it the advantage in a studio.


  1. Dennis ng says

    But you do not see the hour glass you mention or the first review when d645d comes out. Also, in the forum I read about the time lag of h4d old ver.

    Need real people do real test.

  2. Hi Dennis,

    I thought the review was good. They can’t discuss every facet of the camera, and I guess that the length of time it takes before you can chimp was either similar on both cameras or was not something they considered worth mentioning.

    As my history teacher once said you have to look at the source. I’m often amused (or it is bemused) by camera magazines that give positive reviews of a new product and then a couple of pages later you see a full page advertisement for the same product. I am more likely to trust this review by Mark Segal and Nick Devlin than many others.

    One other good thing about the review is that they actually have hands on experience with the cameras. If you look at many of the “reviews” on the internet they are merely comparing the statistics gained from the camera manufacturer’s websites.

  3. David Jewels says

    So true about what you said about ‘reviewers’ on other websites simply comparing stats they they read from the camera manufacturer’s websites.
    After googling endless hours for 6 days straight I can say that I am certainly getting the Pentax 645D

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