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OKITEN – Okinawa Art Exhibition March 19 to April 3

I visited OKITEN last weekend to check out the latest work from a wide range of artists on Okinawa. Areas included paintings, mixed media, sculpture, calligraphy, laquerware, pottery, glassware, woodwork, photography and graphic design.

Where the Earth Meets the Sea by Chrisse Harwanko

Nearly all the artists were Okinawan, but there were exhibits by few foreign nationals including a mixed media piece “Where the Earth Meets the Sea” by Chrisse Harwanko and two ceramic sculptures by Nick Centala.

OKITEN Okinawa Art Exhibition ( iPhone photo )

The photography section was a little underwhelming. My main gripe was that virtually all the prints were made with glossy photographic paper. You were getting glare from the lights, and even problems with rippling on the thin paper. Some photographs  had been framed used perspex or standard (reflective) glass which again leads to glare and reflections. The quality of the actual photographs varied, but few really stood out. I was impressed by a series of images of the Yanbaru Kuina, which I believe won a prize, but otherwise the photographs were a bit of a disappointment.

Overall, however, the exhibition was well worth checking out. It’s running for a few more days, so get there if you can.


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