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Going Wide

Ursula & Chair - Pentax 645D with FA645 35mm

Having sold off a few of the lenses I wasn’t using regularly, I just acquired the 35mm wide angle  for my 645D. After really regretting not having this lens at the Okayama Hadaka Matsuri  it had become a priority purchase. Although not a super wide angle  (it’s field of view on the 645D is equivalent to around 27mm on a FF 35mm camera),  it does allow you to be quite creative.

Normally you don’t use wide angles for fashion or portraits, as they can easily have a House of Mirrors effect on people. Occasionally, however, they can be used to good effect to accentuate a model’s physique.

I shot the above image with a new lighting set up, and a Panton chair I got for 75% off on Amazon Japan. More info on the lights in a future blog. Big thanks to Ursula for modeling in this shot.


  1. Shaun M says

    Hi Chris,

    The 35mm you mentioned would be originally for the 645 series of cameras, so is it the A 35 or the FA 35?

    Although I am not a portrait or fashion photographer, I know good lighting when I see it. It looks great.

    Shaun M

  2. Hi Shaun,

    I ordered the FA645 35MM F3.5AL(IF) new from Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo. I had checked the prices new on Ebay, but they seem to be quite hard to find outside of Japan so the prices were almost the same used as they are new.

    Lens is very sharp, but that’s what both the new and old versions of the lens were famous for.


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