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On the Bookshelf – With the Old Breed by E. B. Sledge

With the Old Breed by E. B. Sledge

With the Old Breed by E. B. Sledge

Last year I watched the Hanks / Spielberg mini-series “The Pacific” that was based on the experiences of American Marines in the Pacific Theater. The series focused on three men, one of which was Eugene B. Sledge, a young Marine who witnessed the horrors of Peleliu and Okinawa.  These secret notes Sledge made during combat would later become  the book “With the Old Breed” which was then adapted to become the mini-series “The Pacific.”

I just started Sledge’s book. I’m not sure it’s going to be one I enjoy, and I should probably avoid reading it before going to bed. It is however an important account of war, particularly for those who have connections with Okinawa. Glancing through the pages I see maps with names I recognize. The Ishikawa Isthmus is where I live, Sugar Loaf Hill is beside Main Place shopping center and the landing beaches are where I dive. The elderly residents of this island lived through the Battle of Okinawa, for the rest of us its important to be aware of what happened, and hope nothing like it ever happens again.

If anyone else want to read along with me, I’d love to hear your comments. You can get the book from Amazon.comAmazon.co.uk and Amazon.co.jp


  1. I found the book a joy to read and well written. The first hand accounts and style that Sledge wrote in easily allowed me to get a real feel for what he was enduring and seeing.
    Of course Sledge and I share a link and people who are outside this link will always find it hard to understand what exactly was going through his and his fellow Marines’ mind.
    I’ve read several books that give an outsider’s view into certain wars and conflicts and feel these are better suited for those who haven’t yet faced the stress of it.
    But books like this, books from people on the front or the trenches, these are books from the heart with real accounts that can’t be, and shouldn’t be sugar coated.

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