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Suzanne Somersall Jewelry Shoot – On Location

Suzanne Somersall Jewelry Shoot (1) 645D with 67 400mm

Here’s a sneak peek at the location part of a shoot for jewelry designer Suzanne Somersall.

I wanted to start with an establishing shot that focused not on the jewelry but more the lifestyle or principles behind it, these include quality, timelessness and beauty. I just needed an elegant model, a classic black dress, and a car that was the epitome of these qualities.

We were lucky to get Amanda to model, Urusla Ajeroh for hair and make up, Suzanne selected the outfit, and Michio provided his E-type Jaguar. The fact that we had a few hours of reasonable weather during rainy season was a bonus.

Suzanne Somersall Jewelry Shoot (2) 645D with 67 165nn

Suzanne Somersall Jewelry Shoot (3) 645D with 645 55mm

Suzanne Somersall Jewelry Shoot (4) 645D with 645 55mm

Next we move into the studio to focus on the individual pieces. Images to come soon…

You can see slightly larger versions of these photographs over on Flickr, also please check out Suzanne’s website and Facebook page.


  1. Tord S Eriksson says

    Lovely photos! Especially the first, stylish, and yet looks just natural. Looks like a lucky snap shot, so perfect it is! Good work, Chris!

    Some time back I went to a show of whale photos, which actually was a sales promotion gig for getting proefessional photographers joining their photo expeditions, so most present were professional diver photographers, and then us, soon to be retired, never having used an aqualung in our lives. The team from the tour company were Norwegian, but the language difficulties were not that big, so we understood much of what was said.

    Theese guys (and dolls) go after killer whales, that roam along the Norwegian coast in search of herring. Unlike their relatives on the American side of the Atlantic they don’t eat seals, nor divers, so you can come pretty close.

    But whales are whales and don’t always behave like they use to, so one expedition had been a total loss, almost, as no whales showed up till the very last moment, and the only guy who really managed to get into the water, and take a great shot was a Pole, with little experience of diving (he just snorkeled), and no diver camera at all, just a waterproof compact.

    And who got a perfect shot of 13 killer whales in one shot?! That sold all over the world?! This Pole, of course! Some of the pros didn’t even get a single one useful enough to keep!

    Hope to be that Pole one day!

  2. Phil says

    Lovely set of photos Chris. The light and contrast adds to the sense of class.

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