1. How beautiful! I don’t remember ever seeing this when I lived on the Island. Too bad for me. It’s an awesome shot. Very tranquil.

  2. Great shot. Once my computer’s back to full operating status you need to come over again and show me how to edit the pics I took properly.

    Oh, and is that a boom mic I see coming in the top of the shot?!

  3. Nice one Chris! Looks like your enjoying the lens. Lets get out and shoot some seascapes together soon!

  4. Will says

    Chris, have you been using your 67 since getting the 645D? (Or are you changing your handle to Travel 645?) I’m curious if the quality of the 645D has cured your silver habit.

    • Hi Will,
      I’ve used the 67 a few times this year, and plan to keep on using it. Practically speaking it’s too much weight to take both cameras with me when I’m traveling. While in Okinawa, either in the studio or on location, it is less of a problem to have both cameras ready to shoot.

      I’m also using the 67 lenses a lot on the 645D. The 105 is my standard portrait lens, and I used both the 165 and the 400mm on the jewelry shoot with the E-type Jaguar.

      The name will always be Travel67 🙂 Did you know that in Japan, the Pentax 67 has the nickname Gulliver. Travel 67 is therefore a very convoluted pun, which I believe nobody has yet found funny!

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