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Return of the 25mm

All good things must come to an end. I packed up the 25mm lens and sent it with Kuro-Neko (Black Cat Couriers) back to its home in Shinjuku. It’s a pity that the rainy season came early this year, as I’d hoped to have got a wider selection of images with the lens.

It’s a huge piece of glass. It’s a giant in terms of size, weight and cost, but also quality. If you have the cash, and want to get as wide as possible, then this lens could be just what you’re looking for.

Shisa ( Pentax 645D with 25mm )


  1. Chris Stone says


    Did you ever get to try the D FA 645 25mm on a 645 film camera? Where it would be a true 25mm rather than something like a 35mm on the cropped format 645D.


    Chris Stone

    • Hi Chris,
      I don’t have the Pentax 645 film camera just the 67, so I couldn’t try out the lens. It is however a full frame 645 lens (the widest available I believe) so it would work on both the 645 film and on a full frame Pentax 645D if one was developed in the future.

      The new 55mm lens is also full frame 645.

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