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Typhoon Songda – A blustery night.

Another one bites the dust.

Typhoon Songda has come and gone leaving Okinawa a little worse for wear. There was the usual cull of trees and antennas that were two weak or inflexible to survive the 100 mph plus winds. Power went off at my house from 10PM until about 4AM but luckily I have a wide range of dive torches and bicycle lights.

A big tree in next door’s garden didn’t make it through the night, but thankfully it also didn’t make it across the road and onto my car. (Which reminds me, always wash your car after a typhoon to prevent the new layer of sea salt sending your vehicle to an early, and rusty, grave.)

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  1. Tom Amick says

    Nice to see that you survived another typhoon. I was starting to wonder if anything happened. I had been tracking Songda for the past few days just to see how close it was getting to Okinawa. There wasn’t much reported about the aftermath. Thanks for being a great source of information.

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