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Ricoh Buys The Pentax Imaging Systems Division from Hoya

Big news in the camera world. Ricoh buys The Pentax Imaging Systems Division from Hoya for an estimated 10 billion yen ($124.2 million). Hopefully this will create a synergy of R&D, sales outlets, and be a positive move for both brands.



    • Shaun M says

      On my!. So now I am branded Ricoh. Well, i went through this with Xerox in he 1908s, so i guess I can survive it again. I hope I did not buy into a dead end system, though…..

      • It is really too bad that Ricoh did not just stay Ricoh. All of the outsiders think they should run the show. Ricoh was a great company. They should stop buying all these companys inn trouble and focus on Ricoh employees. Take casre of your own. So you should feel lucky to belong to such a great company. Name and all.

  1. Tord S Eriksson says

    Seems Ricoh is both interested in the 645D technology, and the DSLR side of things. Pentax have had problems with the numerous faulty K-5s, and just now seem to lack spare parts (mine hasn’t been returned from repairs for a few weeks now, due to just that), maybe another effect of the Tsunami?!

    You can use K Mount lenses on the Olympus PENs with good effect, by the way, so even if Pentax disappears you can continue to use them!

    Sony is a brand that I personally is more worried about, whose DSLRs have problems with making sales enough. But Sony’s sensors are doing excellently!

  2. After the surprise news, I expected my stock of Ricoh would rise. It didn’t while HOYA’s stock price rose. They might have thought it is not easy for Ricoh to make their way into the digital reflex camera market which is governed by two giants Nikon and Canon.

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